About Us

Trejo’s Fence and Welding, Inc. was formally established in 2001 as a family owned and operated company. Our business has consistently progressed throughout the years thanks to our expanding clientele. In the earliest stages of entering the field of welding and metal works in the mid 1980’s, the owner, Alberto Trejo, primarily focused on completing jobs that included metal fences and window guards. After several years of receiving compliments on our work and being continuously referred to our customers’ family members, friends, and co-workers, Mr. Trejo decided to expand his expertise and open Trejo’s Fence and Welding, Inc.

Since the formal opening of the business, Mr. Trejo has expanded his jobs to not only include metal fences and window guards, but also wooden fences, gates, rails, metal frame porches with metal or wooden landings, stairs, and air conditioner cages. The majority of our work is composed of wrought iron, however, we also specialize in working with aluminum and stainless steel.

Mr. Trejo has composed a dedicated team of sales representatives and field welders that have expanded their knowledge and practice in the field of welding and metal works. He has been involved in the field for more than 30 years and has provided his expertise and guidance to his employees who have a combined experienced of 32 years. It is our hope to continue providing field practice and knowledge of the welding and metal works industry to our team as they grow professionally alongside our business. It is also our hope for our customers to receive work of the highest standards at a competitive price.

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